Abbasian Mansion

Abbasian Mansion of Kashan

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There is no doubt that one of the most well-known historical mansions of Kashan is, Abbasian Mansion (locally called Abbasian House) that is located in Amir Ahmad region. This house well represents Iranian architecture and is the home of photographers because of having several rooms and space in every single corner.

Locals of kashan are of the opinion that Abbasian mansion is a house-museum of Kashan and was built in 18th century. It’s one of the oldest ones in Kashan and belonged to one of the famous merchants of Kashan who was very well reputed for selling silk carpets.

Structure of this Mansions is, having 5 big courtyards and several rooms in each because traditionally all the family lived together. Nowadays, one of the courtyards is converted to Tea house and restaurant and some of them turned to be museum.

It’s well noted that representative of family lives in one part of this house and still own this property. People are interested in visiting all courtyards of this mansion as it’s very picturesque and exquisite. Traditionally, there was a room in a house that was called Bride room which was well decorated by plaster and stucco as well as having mirrors and paintings on walls and ceiling.

Abbasian Mansion of Kashan
Main courtyard

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