Abu Mansion

Abu Mansion of Loristan

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Visiting historical mansions may bring decent feeling for everyone as there is no technology that made these mansions places where we present our arts. One of the most beautiful ones in Khoram-abad is Abu mansion.

Abu mansions is one of the old historical houses of Khoram-abad that dates back to Qajar period and has been a private house of a judge, Mr. Mirza Mohsen Qazi. It’s been located in old district of the city which is named BabaTaher district, in vicinity of old castle (Falak-ol-aflak).

it’s always interesting to know how old mansions of Iran were designed as most of Iranian artists were following the same pattern. Most of Iranian mansions, consists private and public rooms, halls in order to have more privacy. It’s been built in 2 floors with several rooms for summer and winter seasons.

He has been living in this spot for several years until it’s bought by cultural heritage organization and turned to be a museum of handicrafts. As travel consultants, we will recommend visiting this mansion, while you are in Khoram-abad in order to get acquainted with local culture and arts.

Abu historical house of Loristan
Courtyard view

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