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All activities to do in two weeks trip to Iran

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Iran is one of untouched countries around the world that people might ask themselves how much time we need to visit Iran? Or can we cover most of the highlights or not however seems this country is vast and we have to expect long drives too.

It is always an important question how much time we really need to visit Iran and should not be in rush. People usually visit Iran in 2 weeks and mostly for first trip prefer to visit Tehran for 2 days, Kashan for 1 days, Esfahan for 3 days, Yazd for 2 days, Shiraz for 3 days as well as Kerman for 3 days that are located in classic route of visit. This will allow them to visit small cities and villages in between to get acquainted with Iranian culture and traditions.

People might get concerned how to start/finish their trip. We would suggest to everyone to take a look at Iran Map and find out Shiraz and Tehran and it is noticeable that most of mentioned cities are located between them. This may help them to start from Shiraz (which very much depends on flight availability too) and finish trip in Tehran or the other way around that we call this type of trip as an Open Jaw Trip.

In another way traveling to an untouched country, would expect us to include as many sites as possible in our program however what we hear from abroad before arrival is that we have to visit historical sites and beautiful architectures in major touristy cities such as Naqsh-e- Jahan Square of Esfahan, Persepolis of Shiraz, or old district of Yazd as well as beautiful Persian gardens but apart from these places, we would highly recommend to meet its amazing people that are very hospitable and very warm welcoming to foreign tourists.

Many of us have heard already about quality of Persian Cuisines as this is one of the most well-known types of food around the world. This varies from any village or city to one another. Apparently one of the most popular foods is Kebab that is cooked in different ways in every region. Or we would highly recommend to have Qorm-e Sabzi as one of our national dishes.

Apparently the only difficult part of trip would be traveling from anywhere to one another that may take a while as Iran is one of largest countries in middle east but even this allows everyone to enjoy visiting wonderful sceneries and extraordinary landscapes along the road.

As a result, traveling to Iran would allow everyone to meet one of the most hospitable people of the world as well as being exposed to several cultural items.

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