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Ala Dagh-Lar

Ala dagh-lar hills of Zanjan

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Ala Dagh-lar colorful mountain is one of the most well-known tourist spots in Zanjan province. It’s accessible along the road of Mianeh-Zanjan in different colors.

The name of the spot comes from translation of name of the location from Turkish to English which means Colorful Mountains. Fortunately, not too many people know where it is located on map and this preserve the location.

Despite having colorful hills along the road, there are many springs, little lakes, etc. most of the shapes are provided by natural agents on clay soil of the region over the centuries. This is the reason many foreign travelers from all over the come to visit this location in either group tours, or individuals.

Many people would like to know when the best time to visit is, but as consultants, we would highly suggest visiting this location anytime because ay season has its own beauty and reflection of these hills are amazingly beautiful. Especially right after a rainy day when sun is coming up, it’s very charming to take excellent shots.

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