Alisadr Cave

Alisadr cave of Hamedan

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Ali Sadr Cave is the largest water cave of the middle east that is very well-known for its extraordinary and unique stalagmites & stalactites that are quite rare around the globe. This cave has been located in north of Hamedan in Alisadr village.

There is no that one of the most beautiful water caves of the world is Alisadr cave that brings the attentions of several domestic and foreign tourists from all over the world. Scientists are of the opinion that history of this cave dates back to second geological period which is approximately about 200 million years ago.

It is well noted that this cave has been untouched till 1960s and just locals used its water for their own daily usage till a team of mountain climbers visited this cave and used this spot for their own activities by tubes.

It was slightly getting very popular among locals and suddenly reported in 1967 as a natural site by Iran’s Tourism Board. There were several teams of experts, investors and mountain climbers came to this spot in order to excavate this cave and found out there were several routes of visit that were all quite unique for study.

However, locals strongly believe there are three different caves in this region and all are internally connected but nobody has reached the end of this cave yet. At some point the excess water of the cave flows out in the form of fountains but when there is shortage of water, the impacts of its fluctuations is evident on the cave walls.

The depth of water may vary from 14 meters in different parts to few meters. The amount of water flowing into the cave comes from rainfalls, underground springs and outflows.

The height of the cave’s ceiling may vary from few meters to 10 meters, however, there are several new routes that are quite high and untouched that people would be very fascinated by visiting these enormous stalagmites and stalactites.

Even at some point people need to be very physically fit to cross over the lines and go forward. As a result, it is highly recommended to take a day trip of this gorgeous water cave and enjoy visiting its beauties by having sufficient time to explore all available routes.

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