Amini Mansion

Amini Mansion of Qazvin

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Are you interested in visiting local architecture of every destination you travel? Why not visiting Amini Mansion of Qazvin that is known as one of the largest ones in Iran.

Amini mansion (locally called Amini Ha House) is one of the Qajari mansions that has been built in Qazvin by one of the merchants of Qazvin who was named Mr. Amini. Until few years ago, people were of the opinion that local family of Mr.

Amini used to live in this mansion from the beginning but It’s interesting to know that this mansion has been built in order to be the ceremonial place where it is called Hoseynieh. The structure of this monument looks similar to what it is in Kashan or elsewhere in desert but generally, it’s been built in 2 floors with several rooms upstairs but in first floor, there are three large halls for ceremonies of Imam Hossein (he was the 3rd Imam of Shiite), in east, North and west.

As travel consultants, we would highly recommend visiting Qazvin, with several possibilities such as historical buildings, extraordinary landscapes, foods, drinks, pastries, people, etc. Simply put Amini Mansion in your bucket list.

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