Anthropology Museum of Urmia
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Anthropology Museum

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There is no doubt that one of the most common activities to do in Urmia is visiting Anthropology museum that has been built in 20th century and was used as main office of municipality until a decade ago that it has been converted to a museum.

History of this building dates back to early 20th century that it has been built in city center by order of Reza Shah, the founder of Pahlavi Dynasty in order to have a military base. It is well noted that the architecture of this monument is Mr. Hosein Memar who was one of the most well-known architects of Iran back then.

The structure of this building is the combination of Iranian-European in 2 floors and it looks like an eagle. The entrance of this building is in eastern face and main material of this monument is mostly bricks, wood, stone as well as cement, however, its roof has been designed by gable.

A decade ago in 2007 local government decided to convert this building into an anthropology museum in order to present local lifestyle, music instrument, farming tools as well as culture and tradition of Urmia.

It is well noted that way of presenting objects and Items are considered from three different views of;
1- Human & Environment
2- Human & human
3- human resources.

There are several halls and passages in this museum that enables everyone to visit exciting items and from travelers point of view those halls that represents local costumes of men, women as well as Nomadic dresses that is the most exciting part of the whole museum

As travel consultant we would highly recommend visiting Urmia and surrounding in a guided tour for few days especially stunning lanscapes in north and southern Urmia aside from museums.

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