Friday Mosque of Ardabil

Ardabil Friday Mosque

Friday Mosque of Ardabil

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Traveling to Ardabil makes everyone feel blessed as it is located in north western part of Iran with having several extraordinary landscapes and historical monuments as well as mineral waters.

There is no doubt that visiting Friday mosque of Ardabil is one of the oldest mosques of Iran that dates back to Seljuk era which presents perfectly Iranian-Islamic Architecture. Archaeologists are of the opinion that this mosque was originally a Fire temple from Parthians in regards to structure.

However, most of historians are of the opinion that mosque has been built next to old temple. This old mosque consists several places such as huge Iwan, Courtyard, arches, etc. Unfortunately this mosque has been damaged by invasion of Mongols back in 13th century and it has been abandoned for decades.

Local governments were struggling to renovate this mosque but it never got back to its golden age. Structure of this mosque was unique because originally all mosques that have been built in Seljuk period contained 4 Iwans (porticos) but this one just has one.

By walking randomly here you will be exposed to three different places of mosque including:

  • A minaret that is remained from Seljuk period and all of them are in octagonal shapes. On top of this minaret there an old inscription which has been pasted later and shows the name of a person.
  • Base of pillars that shows up it was part of huge hall. Most of archaeologists are of the opinion that having a columned hall can’t be from Seljuk as they were experts in building a domed hall. Another story is in Qajar period the structure was a bit changed and they had built a flat roof hall here.
  • Oldest part of mosque is the domed hall that has been built by only baked bricks and it’s been decorated by glazed tiles.

This oldest part of the mosque had to be a domed hall for praying and many people used to hall and columned hall for praying too. Another item that has been considered for this mosque is, corridors that are well designed which remind us there was no need for people to cross courtyard due to cold weather.

As travel consultant, we would highly recommend taking a guided tour of Ardabil and walk around this mosque to visit old style of Iranian architecture as well as modern style.

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