Sheikh Safi Tomb of Ardebil


Sheikh Safi Tomb of Ardebil

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Ardebil (locally called Arda) is one of the famous cities of Iran in north-west of Iran. It’s also very well popular for trading silk carpet back to ancient days of Persia which is considered as one of the premium quality of Persian rugs.

What brings to mind of everyone is Sheikh Safi mausoleum that has been registered as a world heritage in 2010. Ardabil played an important role in politics and economy of Iran back to history of Iran especially in 17th century. People are of the opinion that this city dates back to Persian empire and it has been called Artavlia that is written down in Avesta the holy book of Zoroastrians.
History of this city has a lot of up and downs however the golden age refers to Parthians where it had become a hub for traders afterwards in Sassanid it preserved the tradition and cultures. What makes trip to Ardabil very interesting is a world Heritage site of Sheikh Safi al Din Mausoleum, place where sanctuary important for Sufis and monarchs of Safavid in 17th century.
The King Ismael coronated in such place and named his dynasty Safavid in terms of paying respect to his great grandfather. However the other kings of this era followed the same way and expanded this holy place as their own duty. Beside this, communicating with these people would be interesting as they speak in Azari language and they would hardly speaking Farsi.

Local foods are another reason to attract people for traveling into this city and one of the most wonderful and authentic places to eat is an ancient bath that has been converted to a restaurant which is serves local dishes perfectly.

What we recommend is staying in this city for few days and get a chance to have some day trips to towns around such as Sar’ein which is a hub for hot spring water and people are of the opinion that this type of water would be good enough for health care.
Another reason to travel to this area is mountain climbing to one of the highest peaks of Iran which is named Sabalan with 4811 m height. People would come from all over the world to hike and enjoy their vacation.

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