Asiab e Sangi

Asiab-e Sangi Darab

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Traveling to Darab will make every one fascinating because of having several unique places such as Asiab e Sangi that represents  ancient mills of Iran in this region..

People were struggling to bring water from reservoirs to the city by making a water channel at the foot of mountain in order to keep slope level toward the city as well as preserving it very clean. This channel was about 3 km, however, most of this ancient channel was gone and today just this side of the mountain is preserved.

It is well noted that along this channel, there is a mill that locals were able grain their products such as wheat as well as barley in order to make their own products. This has become one of the most impressive sites of Darab for those who are interested in learning about ancient civilizations.  

This site has always been in the center of attention even in Qajari period Mirab (a person who is in charge with this site) was taking care of reservoir in order to improve farming in this region. As a travel consultant we would highly recommend to visit this region in few days and spend more time in villages nearby in order to save time for interacting with locals that are very friendly.


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