Assyrian Church of Urmia

Assyrian Church

Assyrian Church of Urmia

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It is known as St. Mary or Mart Mary which is one of the oldest churches of the world. Most of archaeologists are of the opinion that this Assyrian Church could have been the 2nd oldest church of the world after Bethlehem in Palestine.

History of this ancient church dates back to Sassanid dynasty and it has been used as a fire temple, however, Assyrian & Christian authors are of the opinion that locals converted to Christianity back then and it has been used as a church.

It is well noted that those Zoroastrian priests who were attending in this temple, traveled Jerusalem in order to greet the birth of Jesus as the preventor of the entire world and as soon as they returned, they changed the function of this temple into a church.  

There are few buildings in this complex that represents their residential & holy places of Assyrians in Urmia. The older construction contains a tiny entrance which leads everyone toward main hall or altar. There are some tomb stones in one of the rooms inside building that are belonged to priest’s who have taking care of this sacred place.

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