Avaj Bridge

Avaj bridge of Qazvin

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Traveling to Qazvin makes everyone feel blessed in terms of being exposed to unique items such as Avaj bridge (locally called Suspended bridge) that has been built over the last 5 years.

Avaj bridge is known as one of the largest bridges of Iran, however, locals are of the opinion that this bridge is the 2nd  largest and longest one in Iran, particularly in western flank. The length of the bridge is about 170 m and it’s been built on a valley that is named Shah Dareh. The width of the bridge is also 1.5 m and is able to carry on 200 tons in total.

In another way, Avaj is also the name of the village that has in vicinity of Qazvin, and in order to improve tourism in this province suspended bridge was built. Although infrastructure in this village is not as similar as Qazvin still several domestic and foreign tourists will go visiting this bridge yearly.

It can a be unique experience while you are in Qazvin and many people would prefer visiting this bridge in the afternoon or even for photography of the bridge, some tourists would rather staying overnight in village with locals.

As travel consultants, we would highly recommend putting this bridge in your bucket list in order to have wide-range of activities in your schedule.

Avaj Bridge of Qazvin
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