Behestan Fort

Behestan fort of Zanjan

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Behestan fort (locally called Kohan Dezh) is one of the ancient sites of Iran that is located along Qezel Uzun river and dates back to Median empire. Historically, It’s been one of the most amazing and important spots back then but due to lack of management, most of wall fell down.

There are several theories and stories that made by archaeologists such as this fort has been built by Medes when they Immigrated to Iran’s plateau but some refused this theory. What we know strongly about this fort is, it has been playing an important role in Median Empire and later on but other dynasties, it had become one of the hubs in this region.

First artists were struggling to use local material for construction and they made several rooms inside the mountains. Most of the rooms are connected to each other by quirki corridors. This could have been the reason local called it Chimney canals or Demon Palace.

In fact, this name comes from the shape of palace from outside that has been made by natural agents over the centuries and in Geology, it is called HOODOO.

we can split this palace into three different sections of rooms, corridors, stairs. It’s well noted that there were several oil lamps were hanged on walls of the stairs. This side of the fort is badly damaged and it’s almost impossible to go through but the rest of palace has been preserved especially when this palace used during Islamic periods as a mosque and a Mihrab was built.  

Behestan fortress of Zanjan
Long Shot view of the

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