Belbar village of Kurdistan


Belbar village of Kurdistan

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One of the most impressive spots of Kurdistan province is Belbar village that is located in Huwraman County. In fact its unique architecture is the main purpose of traveling to this region aside from marvelous landscapes.

There is no doubt that Howraman county is one of the oldest regions of Iran from archaeological point of view that several excavations has been done over the last decades. People of this region are extremely friendly and would love interacting with any domestic & foreign tourists who come to visit their village.

It’s noticeable that people of this region are extremely friendly and would invite travelers to their house in order to get acquainted with local culture and events. It will be very exciting to taste local foods of this city that are very delicious and brings the attention of everyone.

Therefor we would like to introduce you one of the most well-known foods of this region which is called Kalaneh that is made out of wheat, vegetable, local spices, etc. It is available in every market or local bakeries and can be considered as a main course for any meals.

Most of the people work on farms or have their own private orchards as well as building new structures. What makes traveling to this region very fascinating is its landscape that is exquisite and brings everyone’s attention to visit especially those who are looking for having active tours such as trekking in the middle forests & mountains.

As it is located in the middle of Zagros Mountain and there is not such a road to this region, all its beauty are well-maintained. We would highly recommend to take a trekking tour in this region along the Sirvan river and meet locals in every single corner that are quite hospitable.

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