Blue Mosque of Tabriz
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Blue Mosque

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Blue Mosque of Tabriz (locally called Masjed-e Kaboud), the only outstanding monument from QaraQuyunlu dynasty.

There is no doubt that one of the outstanding monuments of Tabriz is Mozafarieh Mosque that is also known as Blue Mosque which dates back to 15th century AD and has been built by a local governor who was called Sultan Jahanshah QaraQuyunlu.

It has been built by order of the Jahanshah under her daughter’s control and original construction included main entrance, praying room and cemetery room for royal family. However, the whole construction was badly damaged by earth quakes several times in history. Nowadays it is very well known for its typical tiles work as well as curly decorated pillars which makes this mosque very unique.

By entering this mosque, the first hall is the lobby of the mosque which is called Hashti in Islamic architecture. This prevent strangers seeing directly inside of the mosque. This looks like a bit different than other mosques of Iran due to having long snowing season. This is the reason all spaces of mosque are covered and connected to each other such as praying room and cemetery room which is located in southern flank.

This hall is very well known for dark blue & turquoises tiles that have glued on alabasters. In this hall there are several tiny arches that are decorated by verses of Quran in Kufic and Sols calligraphy that are all done by a local artist who was named Mohamad Ibne Nemat allah. The earlier records about this mosque refers to travel notes of Tavernier who was one of the European Travelers back in 17th century  which is mostly about its tiled dome, entrance as well as its courtyard that has been existed until 18th century.

In southern domed hall or cemetery room, in down stairs there are three graves that people are strongly of the opinion that these are tomb stone of king, his wife and daughter, however, there is no inscription on neither of them but very well decorated.

As a travel agent we would highly recommend to visit this outstanding mosque in the morning in order to take extraordinary shots of these domed halls from outside as it has superbly done tiles works, stuccoes as well as bricks that catches eyes of all visitors. Although it has been damaged by earthquake back in 16th century and just its entrance is left from original building it is still top ranked site of Tabriz in architecture point of view.

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