Boroujerdi Mansion

boroujerdi mansion of kashan

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There is no doubt that one of the most remarkable historical mansions of Kashan is, Boroujerdi Mansion as it dates back to 19th century. It well represents Iranian architecture by having several seasonal rooms in each side as well as having public (Birouni) & private (Andarouni) rooms.

The name of the owner of the mansion was Mr. Hasan Natanzi as he was originally from Nataz but because of trading with Boroujerdi businessmen he was named Mr. Boroujerdi. His trading was mostly about pearl and candles aside from silk carpet.

The structure of this mansion is; having a lobby (locally called Hashti) in order to ger permitted by host to go through the courtyard. There are rooms around the courtyard that are seasonal such as summer hall and winter hall which very much depends on sun direction.

In another way this house was built in accordance with Godal Baghche method. It was a tradition to dig the place where they supposed to build a mansion. This method has 4 advantages;

  1. Using mud of the place where they diged out as it was very hard to bring any material from outside of the region because alleys are very narrow.
  2. Being closer to water sources
  3. Having more privacy and nobody was able to visit their harims from outside.
  4. Make the mansion cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

As it has been mentioned among locals, there is a love story between the son of this mansion and daughter of Tabatabaei mansion. Mr. Tabatabaei has mentioned he has raised up his girl in a luxury house and expected his son in law to have a similar house. This could have been the reason the son of Boroujerdi hired top ranked architect of the house and expanded his dad’s house.

He well decorated this mansion especially summer hall by paining Persian stories on wall, as well as having European patterns on wall. As result, they married and lived for years in this mansion and nowadays still their relatives live in private part of the mansion.

As travel consultants, we would highly recommend visiting this mansion in the morning in order to have better light for visiting and photography because of having several beautiful items on walls and courtyard.

Boroujerdi mansion of Kashan

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