Boroujerdi Mansion

Boroujerdi mansion of Kashan

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Boroujerdi Mansion is located in “Soltan Amir Ahmad” region that originally belongs to Mr. Hasan Natanzi who was one of the most well-known merchants of Kashan. Because of his trading with Boroujerdi mansions, he was Called Mr. BoroujerdiVisiting this mansion is always fascinating because of being exposed to several elements of Iranian architecture.

It is well noted that in Kashan, all locals are of the opinion that they have to follow the same type of constructions which is called Godal Baghche. Usually in this type of Architecture, the owner has to dig its land which can be from 5m to any measure they want. This would help them to:

  1. Use the local material for building the construction
  2. Being very close to Qanats
  3. Preserving the privacy of houses
  4. Having cooler weather in summer.

There is a similar plan in most of mansions like this, that they have seasonal rooms, public and private rooms in either side of the house. The original building dates back to approximately 180 years but it was completed by his son as he hired the best artists this town for expanding the mansion.

Boroujerdi Mansion of Kashan
Night View

There is a love story among locals about this house, that son of this merchant was in love with the daughter of another merchant who was named Mr. Tabatabaee. He told the young man that his daughter has been raised in very luxury house and he expects to see at least similar lifestyle.

This is why young man started making deals with the best artists of this city in order to provide the best design as possible while he was aiming to expand his dad’s house. The main artist of this mansion was Mr. Ali Maryam who designed the wind-catcher rooms aside Mr. Kamal ul molk who painted this house.

Boroujerdi Mansion of Kashan
Extraordinary View of Wind-catchers

When it comes to design the privacy pattern of the house, everyone is curious how it was well designed by going through cellar to next door without coming out of house. The original plan contains 4 court yards, winter rooms, summer halls, wind-catcher room, as well as cellar. They even had a room for new brides that has been decorated by Ali Maryam with girly objects.

This rooms has been held by Cultural Heritage Office of Kashan.

Summer hall:
inside this hall there are several paintings and items that are mostly from Qajari periods. It was quite common to pain the common king of Qajar in their houses in order to provide date of construction. Or there are several paintings that all look like combination of Iranian-European designs. One of the most activities in Qajari period was sending Iranian artists to Europe for learning western architecture that they have to use those elements in Iranian architecture too.

Apparently, this is the reason that some of the stuccos look like Roman Catholic church as well as those patterns that are copied from Persepolis or elsewhere.