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Abbasi hotel- boutique hotel of Esfahan

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There is no doubt that one of the most important items in tourism is having authentic hotel for tourist. In fact hotels do not play only accommodation role anymore. Hotels have become such as attractions especially in those countries that had a great ancient history, boutique hotels are hubs for everyone to stay even if travelers do not join to any activities.

Iran, because of its history has been always a fascinated country for everyone to travel and stay with locals. Relatively recently tourism is growing in Iran which is very good for country and its people and even everybody from all over the world is able to come to visit Iran and enjoy the cultural event and traditions.

Part of this experience is staying in traditional hotels that are originally old mansions that have been converted to boutique hotels especially in major cities of central Iran such as Shiraz, Yazd, Esfahan, Kashan, Kerman and even in old Caravansaries. Staying in such places would be a unique experience for people as a hub, meet up point, to chill out as well as exchanging opinions with locals or other tourists. Despite traveling to Iran is still unique and people would like to see the untouched country and get so excited.

Unfortunately because of financial sanctions, none of Iranian banks are connected to global banking system that makes everyone’s traveling slightly complicated. In order to solve this issue, hotels were mostly relying on travel agents for all reservations in all around the year because this was an only reason to get paid with ease.

Apart from these hotels in Iran have different level of standard comparing to other part of the world in terms of facilities and location that would make it a huge change however there are still very new fashion style hotels in major cities of Shiraz, Tehran, Yazd etc.

What we suggest you is staying in this hotel category that hotel’s variation would help you out to choose the nicer one among several options. Hereby we would categorize all hotels of Iran to give you a better image where to stay and enjoy your accommodation.

In Tehran, most of hotels are from early 1970s and they are located in city center or surrounding except 5* hotels that ar all far away from city center. When it comes to real life, we have to consider traffic jam and time consumption from hotel to historical sites back and forth which is really frustrating and waste of time. It’s better to make reservation of 4* o 3* hotel in city center that are all modern standards class.

In Esfahan it would be an slight more complicated as it is one of the main touristy cities of Iran unfortunately there are not enough 5* hotels and it becomes a serious problem in peak seasons. There are few descent 4* hotels and a bunch of three stars everywhere which gives everyone opportunity to make reservations.

In Yazd as it is recently registered a world heritage city, people would like to visit it most. There are many hotels and hostels in old district of city that very close to all historical sites. Again in this city there is not a wide-range of 4* and 5* hotels for everyone. It has been seen hotel would consider all reservations and high priority is for bigger group tours and then individuals even as an individual traveler you contacted hotel much earlier than those big group tours.

In Kerman, good news is Kerman is under development and it grows fast however there are not still many hotels and almost one in each category would cause some problems. For example there is only one 5* hotel which looks like really 3*, one 4* hotel, no three stars and there a few 2* hotels. People have been always taking kerman as a place where to accommodate easily however they need to take a day trips every day to different destinations. What we suggest our client is staying in city of Mahan in boutique hotels which is located in the middle of all destinations. This would help everyone to save time and run tours with higher quality.

In Shiraz relatively recently people decided to convert historical mansions into boutique hotels and nowadays there a few of them ready that are located in city center and surrounding. There are many 5*, 4* and even three * hotels everywhere that are located mostly nearby historical sites.

In western Iran especially in major cities such as Kermanshah, Sanandaj, Ahvaz or even Tabriz the quality and standadd of hotels are quite different than central Iran and everyone has to bring down a lot all expectation as most of these cities have excellent potential in tourism but being as a seasonal destination have made no motivation for locals or even everybody else to invest in hotel business. What we would suggest is taking 4* hotel mostly in this wide region to have a slightly better stay than others.

In Persian Gulf cities and islands is the same story to stay in higher class of hotels especially in Bandar-e Abas or Bushehr. In terms of hotel categories Kish and Qeshm islands would have better facilities as they are both free islands.

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