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Cantor Church

Kantour church of Qazvin

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There is no doubt that one of the most exciting spots in Qazvin is Cantor Church. It dates back to 20th century and has been built during world war II and is known as the smallest ones in the world.

Cantor church has been built by Russians and consists all rooms and halls in smaller sizes such as lobby, courtyard, praying room as well as 2 rooms that used to be dressing rooms and belonged to priests. Its Structure is quite amazing as most materials are mortar and baked bricks.

many people are of the opinion that it’s been built when Iran was occupied by Russians during world II. It’s location in Daraee ave, and its main entrance is in western face of the church. By going through this holy place, you will be exposed to the little courtyard that has two tiny graves.

People strongly believe one of the belongs to a Russian pilot and the other one belongs to an Iranian engineer. However, the main structure looks like a cross-shape but still have praying hall for audience. Another point we can make is, the painting of holy Jesus that has crossed arms on his chest. Christians described him this way of paining represents the Orthodox religion of those who built this church.

Aside the main entrance there is a little & tiny door that leads you toward the main dome. On its stairs there are several little paintings. As travel consultants, we would highly recommend visiting this monument in this morning as there is enough time and decent light to take excellent shots.

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