All activities to do in two weeks trip to Iran

Chogha Zanbil temple of western iran susa

It is always an important question how much time we really need to visit Iran and should not be in rush. People usually visit Iran in 2 weeks and mostly for first trip prefer to visit Tehran for 2 days, Kashan for 1 days, Esfahan for 3 days, Yazd for 2 days, Shiraz for 3 days as well as Kerman for 3 days that are located in classic route of visit. This will allow them to visit small cities and villages in between to get acquainted with Iranian culture and traditions. Read More

Top 7 activities to do while you travel to Iran in spring

top 7 activities to do in iran, Iran in seven days

Apparently when we discuss about Iran, it reminds us beautiful places to visit that are very well known for their architectures and history. Traveling to Iran in spring which is one of the most important traveling season for Iranian families as they all celebrate New Year in late March, gives everyone a decent feeling to visit historical sites and extraordinary landscapes. Read More

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