Bouchir Valley

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Bouchir valley is one of the most beautiful spots in Hormozgan that is known as the home of adventure travelers.

Bouchir is located along the road of Parsian city toward Bandar-e Abbas and yearly several tourists will come to explore this marvelous valley. Apparently, you may think as this valley is located in southern Iran, you must go in opposite season in order to have pleasant weather but in fact, you can reach this spot anytime of the year as this is down under the surface and you will be exposed to a pleasant weather.

All you need is getting transferred from Bandar-e Abbas in 3 to 4 hours to Bouchir village and stay overnight in either homestays or tents and on next day you will start your journey by going through this valley and crossing over the river and springs.

It’s also highly recommended to adventure travelers especially trekking tours who are interested in exploring the region, because they can get into this place by walking from village along the Persian Gulf. In regards to the shape of this valley, we must inform everyone this is about 50 meters depth from the beginning toward the end which is about 1000 m.

We may also, discuss about how you can cross over the valleys and water anywhere. We would highly recommend this spot to those who know how to swim perfectly because somewhere at the end, you will be exposed to a very deep valley for a long period. This may cause some issues for non-professional swimmers.

As travel consultants we would highly recommend visiting this valley especially those adventure travelers who are looking for having extra activities to stay one day longer at least and make such a wonderful journey.

Harra Forst

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Harra forest (translated into Mangrove) is one of the most impressive natural sites of Iran that enables everyone visiting this marvelous and extraordinary nature of Island by taking boats along the northwest of the Island.

For those travelers who are interested in visiting Harra Forest, we would like to inform them that this forest may get visible mostly by ebb & flow of the water and mostly in winter time, the level of water goes up and covers the entire forest and a day after or so, they will appear naturally.

Its situation is looking good and this is the reason it has become the home of several types of birds who immigrate to this land in summer such as Heron, Indian Heron, etc. in another way, this part of the island has become the home of different types of snakes, turtles, fishes and many unique species.

In regard to its name, several stories are mention but nobody knows the beginning of this forest and locals of are of the opinion that Indians planted them in 16th century. Or others believe strongly they are made out of tears of human.

Many scientists are of the opinion that branches of these trees are good enough for refining the water and they are grown in salty water; they are able to make sweet ones.

As travel consultants, we would highly recommend visiting this spot in early winter or late autumn, as the level of water is not rising sharply and you will be exposed to a wonderful view of the forest.

GalehDari Mosque

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There is no doubt that one the most impressive historical sites of Bandar-e Abbas is Galehdari mosque which belong to sunnites of Iran.

Galedari mosque has been built by sunnit charity where it is located in the center of the city during Naser-o-din shah reign as he was one of the famous monarchs in Qajar dynasty back in 19th century. In regards to the name of the mosque, we must say, it’s been built by one of the famous merchant of Sunnit who was Mr. Ahmad Galehdari as he sponsored all of the costs of this mosque.

In comparison with other mosques of Iran that are built for Shiite community, there are several differences from architectural pint of view. For example, in all Shiite mosques traditionally, facades are very decorated by tiles and mosaics but here it’s very plain and simple.

Another point we can make is not having a Hashti (lobby) for visitors as they can go through the mosque quickly. what makes visiting this monument very especial is, having plain decoration on façade and even simple patterns inside the mosque.

it’s interesting to know the structure of all sunnit mosques all over the iran and you will be exposed to the plain gate, courtyard and columned portico and then the main praying hall. Having wooden column all over the portico had made this marvelous more authentic despite having stucco and calligraphies everywhere outside the mosque.

Generally, praying room is a 36 columned hall with stuccos all over it despite having verses of Quran around the wall in different fonts and calligraphy. The niche is one of the most impressive spots in the mosque that is made local artists and it’s in inlaid.

As travel consultants, we recommend visiting this mosque while you are taking a walking tour of Bandar-e Abbas and you can simply contact to the people of the community.

Located at the heart of Bandar Abbas, Galedari Mosque was built in 1878 during the reign of Nasser-al Din Shah Qajar (1831-1896). Built on top of 1.5-meter-high platform, Galedari Mosque has a courtyard, Shabistan (inner sanctum), minarets and a beautiful Mihrab (prayer niche). The spacious Shabistan of this mosque has 36 pillars adorned with stucco reliefs. According to the stone inscription in the mosque, Haj Sheikh Ahmad Galedari built the mosque in place of an older structure.

Sitting on the western side of the mosque is the Mihrab, which is 1.30 meters deep and four meters high with stucco relief decorations. There are several cupboards in the side of the Mihrab where books and other items can be stored. Part of the courtyard of this mosque has been covered for the use of people performing communal prayers. Galedari Mosque has been registered as a National Heritage Site.

Courtyard of GalehDari Mosque

Saye-Khosh Kaluts

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Are you looking for having a short dessert trekking tour while you are in southern Iran? Let’s get acquainted with Saye-Khosh Kaluts where it’s located in eastern flank of Bandar-e Abbas.

Saye-khosh kaluts is one of the top ranked sites in southern Iran and highly recommended to those adventure travelers who are looking for having a short trek while they are Iran. It’s been located in eastern flank of Bandar-e Abbas in vicinity of Lengeh harbor.

As this spot has been playing an important role in Iran’s fishing industry, many merchants and travelers have been using this harbor for their own trips. For reaching this spot, all you need to do is, getting transferred to the road of Bandar-e Abbas-Lengeh for about an hour and visiting these huge rocks (kaluts) that are all made naturally by wind.

It’s well noted that Saye-khosh is still untouched and is one of the most well-known spots for active travelers who are interested in having an expedition in Iran.

Another point we can make is, about the location of these kaluts that from one side they are facing toward Persian Gulf and from another side is a huge desert in Iran’s southern flank that makes a huge and authentic atmosphere.

As travel consultants, we would highly recommend visiting this location in a day trip from Bandar-e Abbas and get a ponder in this marvelous location.

Saye khosh desert of Hormozgan

Indian Temple

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There is no doubt that one of the most impressive historical sites of Bandar-e Abbas is Indian Temple which dates back to 19th century and has been built by Indian community.

This Indian Temple (locally called Bot Gooran) has been built in Qajar period while their community was used to worship in mostly caravansaries. This could have been the reason that two guys were struggling to build their own sacred spot and let other worship in such a proper building. It’s well noted that name of two sponsors and date of construction are carved on an inscription at the entrance of this monument.

 In regards to religion, several stories are mentioned but in fact the architecture indicates the religion of those Indians who founded this religion. As they were all Brahmanical and believed in Brahma, Vishno, Tesiva, you will be exposed to several paintings and statues of them inside and outside the main building.

In regards to the presence of Indians in Iran several stories are mentioned but in fact, nobody is able a certain date of purpose of being in Iran, however, we know strongly in 16th century the kings of Safavid dynasty were expanding their territories toward central Asian countries and got defeated several times. This could have been the reason Portuguese who founded their own territories in India invaded southern Iran and founded their own palaces. Many Iranians are of the opinion that since then several waves of immigrations happened and many Indians got settled down in Iran for different occupations and businesses.

This marvelous temple is constructed in very strange ways rather than other temples in southern Iran, as sacred room is designed In the middle which is surrounded by a corridor for visitors that enables them to walk around. We can also point to the tiny rooms that are located inside the corridor which are considered for those who were willing to learn their own religion.

As travel consultants, we would highly recommend visiting this temple in the morning in one of the walking tours of bandar-e abbas in order to get acquainted with this culture and religion.

Courtyard view
Corridor VIew


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Traveling to Hormozgan province makes everyone feel blessed as there are several activities to do. It’s located in the southern spot of Iran, just right at the edge of the country and along the Persian Gulf, facing Oman and UAE.

Yearly, several domestic & foreign tourists travel to Hormozgan, particularly to major touristy islands of this province such as Qeshm and Kish where they are known as the Free Zone Islands of Iran. It’s well noted that because of upon arrival visa in these islands, many travelers prefer going through these places straight forward rather than lining up for online visa.

Things to do:
our motto is traveling to any particular destination that no other travel agency ventures to. So, this makes us a bit different than other competitors for providing trekking tours in this province despite cultural activities. Here are some of the highlights of activities that are interested for most of travelers globally.

Qeshm Island with all its natural spots that are registered as world heritage sites, Kish Island is a place where many Iranians who are looking for having a fancy property, would definitely invest in this island, Bandar-e Abbas that has been the capital of this province consisting several amazing places, lark island, Hormoz Island with all its reddish dunes, etc.

Hotels have been playing an important role in tourism from decades ago, particularly home-stays in villages that made an authentic experience for everyone. Of course, there several types of classic hotels in every city of this province that are designed for those clients who are looking for having more comfort during their trip.

We are of the opinion that food tourism is new media that may engage everyone to any particular destination. Southern Iran especially bandar-e Abbas and Qeshm island because locating in vicinity of Gulf countries, may have similar cuisines or recipes despite their own foods. Here are some of the most popular ones that we would like to promote as you can join our cooking classes with our twin sister business.

making some practical items has been always an especial part of Hormozgani citizens, however, because of improvement of technology they are turned to be items for purchase for many travelers. For example, sewing on different textile is top ranked activities for locals despite making mats, etc.

Abu Mansion

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Visiting historical mansions may bring decent feeling for everyone as there is no technology that made these mansions places where we present our arts. One of the most beautiful ones in Khoram-abad is Abu mansion.

Abu mansions is one of the old historical houses of Khoram-abad that dates back to Qajar period and has been a private house of a judge, Mr. Mirza Mohsen Qazi. It’s been located in old district of the city which is named BabaTaher district, in vicinity of old castle (Falak-ol-aflak).

it’s always interesting to know how old mansions of Iran were designed as most of Iranian artists were following the same pattern. Most of Iranian mansions, consists private and public rooms, halls in order to have more privacy. It’s been built in 2 floors with several rooms for summer and winter seasons.

He has been living in this spot for several years until it’s bought by cultural heritage organization and turned to be a museum of handicrafts. As travel consultants, we will recommend visiting this mansion, while you are in Khoram-abad in order to get acquainted with local culture and arts.

Abu historical house of Loristan
Courtyard view

Q Lake

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There is no doubt that anyone travels to Khoram-abad and won’t see Q lake as it’s one of the natural sites of Loristan province. It’s been in the center of attentions for several years basically from 1970s and its been turned into a park too over the past decades.

It’s always interesting to discuss about tourist attractions and mostly Natural spots such as waterfalls, lakes, forest, etc. Q Lake is one of those natural sites that is located inside the city and differ with others that they are mostly in suburb. Water supply is natural springs that are at the place and even water of Makhmalkuh.

In regards with measure of the lake we would like to inform everyone that is about 3 to 5 m depth and it is approximately 7 Hectares. It’s been always the home of the unique birds that are particularly from this region such as storks. In this case, this lake would be an ideal spot for those birds watchers who are interested in visiting Iran with some comfort.

another point we can make is about its name and how it’s been picked up for such a place. In Lorish dialect, Q has been translated into blue which refers to the color of the water.

As travel consultants, we would highly recommend visiting this lake in your leisure time while you are in Loristan province in order to get acquainted with local people who are picnicking in this location.

Autumn View
Q lake of Loristan
Long Shot View

Chogha Hills

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Chogha Hills (locally called CHugha Sarkhor) is one of the major tourist attractions of Boroujerd that brings the attention of everyone.

Chogha Hill (It’s shortly called Chogha) consists two different words that are translated based on local dialect from Lorish into English translation. As it’s located in the heart of flattish field of Boroujerd many people were interested in giving it a decent name.

In another way, based on excavations, several objects were discovered that belong to Parthian Empire. In fact, over the past decades local mayor wat struggling to build and expand this region that his teams got exposed to items that proves it’s been a temple on top of this hill.

Since then, it has become a sacred place for locals as most of them gather at this spot and may spare a few-minute at this location for a little while almost every day. Another point we can make is, in the past it’s been used as a fort or defensive castle for a short period of time and for protection, two moats have been carved around that today, it’s become a tiny park for locals.

As travel consultants, we will recommend visiting this location in your travel to Loristan province as people of this city are in competition with Khoram-abad citizens in order to well promote the city better.

Gerit Waterfall

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Loristan is the home of adventure travelers with having several possibilities in order to run both trekking and cultural tours. In fact, many travelers come to visit this province mostly for its stunning waterfalls and one of the most famous ones is, Gerit.

Gerit waterfall (locally called Sarkaneh) is located in vicinity of Khoram-abad and all its route is covered with oak trees. Water comes from one of the local rivers nearby Ters village which is also called ters river and made such an extraordinary waterfall. In fact, the water is from the snow and rain in winter time that makes such as amazing fall and it goes straight to mouth of Cesar river after passing this valley and land.

It is approximately about 15 m length and 17 m width that differs from others as mostly have larger height. It’s well noted that from this village to Gerit fall is about an hour walk which is quite comfortable and recommended to all group ages. 

Kahman Valley

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Are you interested in joining a trekking tour while you are in Loristan? Let’s get acquainted with Kahman valley where it is located in vicinity of Aleshtar city.

Kahman valley is one of the most popular trekking routes as this is located in Zagros mountain where it is particularly called Gerin and because of having several caves, springs and rivers it turned to be the home of adventure travelers. What makes this region very special is about its history that has been the place where Persian kings used a lot for relaxation, hunting, etc.

In regards with its name, locals are of the opinion that name comes from ancient languages and consists two different words of Kei & Aman which means place where kings felt safe. This region was an open-air archaeological site where several ancient objects were found.

Fromm geographical point of view, this valley is on a huge fault that caused having several springs and mirages. This also caused on its plantation and several types of orchards are existed such as Apricot, Hawthorn, oaks, nuts, etc.  Another point we can make is about having red hills along the river which comes from Radio-Larity in this region.

As travel consultants, we would highly recommend putting this valley in your bucket list and can go trekking for longer period. All you need to do is getting transferred from Aleshtar for about 50 km and reaching this spot in about few hours walk.

Nozhiyan Waterfall

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It’s always interesting to know what any particular destination reminds you, As in Loristan you may like first list its waterfalls and of course, the highest ones in Iran, Nozhiyan Waterfall.

Nozhiyan (locally called Nojian) is one of the highest waterfalls of Iran with approximately 95 m height and 5 m width is location along the road of Khoram-abad AliGudaz. It’s been made naturally in a Nojian county as its forest is amazingly makes everyone feel blessed. In regards with its name, several stories are mentioned but the same as other spots in Loristan, it’s better to rely on the translation of it from Lorish into English Translation.

Nojian means Live Water which comes from the water supplies of this region that are several springs are existed. Over the last years, there was almost nobody who traveled to Lorisan and didn’t visit any of its falls. When it comes to visit the wonderful nature spots, Nojian & Bisheh falls are number ones to put them in your bucket list.

Reaching this fall has made this spot a place where Adventurous travelers come, because of having the possibility of running trekking tours for short or long term. They mostly get transferred to this location for an hour and start trekking in this region for about 2 hours toward the fall, where they suppose to camp.

Another point we can make is, about having herbal medicines in this region, which is quite popular for medicine factories to provide plants from this region in their own prescription.

As travel consultants, we would highly suggest visiting this region in spring or summer as water supplies are making this region very fresh and picturesque but in late summer the reservoirs are about to finish and may not be that much interesting for travelers.  

Nozhiyan fall of Loristan
At the bottom of the fall where people mostly gather

Helt (Held) Canyon

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Helt canyon that is in located in vicinity of Pol-e Dokhtar is one of the most wonderful canyons of Iran that yearly attracts several domestic tourists. It’s a suitable destination for hot days of summer that temperature drops off a lot and many travelers can go through and have a wonderful time.

Our motto is having an adventure trip with us in Iran as there are several possibilities in different seasons. This makes us different comparing to other competitors. When it comes to travel to a wonderful destination, we would highly recommend visiting Loristan province, particularly Pol-e Dokhtar that is the home of adventurous.

This canyon has been made naturally over the million years and water supply is from melted snow on mountains nearby. In regards with its name, we must say this is a quite Lorish word and locals call this canyon Held as there is a tribe of Lorish people live around.

Many people start traveling form their own city to Pol-e Dokhtar and get transferred to this canyon to have a nice/decent trekking in this valley which is about 4 km. This may take few ours each way. You may ask yourself when the best time is for traveling to this spot, as travel consultants we would highly recommend coming to this location in spring and summer, however, it may very much depend on previous winter and how cold/snowy it was.  

It’s well noted that Helt canyon doesn’t need any particular equipment comparing to other canyons that you need to be fit enough. But you may need to know in advance that in this route, you will be crossing river several times.

Helt Canyon of Loristan
Amazing view of Velley

Tunel-e Barfi (Snowy Tunnel)

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Have you ever thought visiting snow in summer while you travel in a particular destination? Let’s get acquainted with Snowy Tunnel (locally called Tunel-e Barfi) in Azna.

Tune-e Barfi is one of the most impressive natural sites of Loristan that is located on Oshtoral Kouh in Kamndam county. This region is the home of adventurous travelers especially those who are in mountain climbing and trekking can reach this spot with ease.

In regards with its size, we must say, as this is a naturally made tunnel with the length of approximately 800 m and height of 2.5 m. This may cause some limit on number of group tours or even season to visit it. Many travelers yearly, would like to visit this spot as it is always open in spring and summer for travelers.

In regards with its history several theories are existed but the fact is, it’s been made naturally based on having tons of snow in winter over the centuries that are melted in spring and will flow in a local river nearby. The visit will be risky because all the tunnel is made out of snow that are frozen and it may fall by getting a bit warmer or having more tourists.

How to reach:
for most of travelers visiting this natural site is one of the most impressive activities to do and they put this in their bucket list. What we need to do is, transferring from Khoram-abad to Azna in about an hour drive. Trekking will get started from the village of Kamandan that is right the edge of Azna-Dareh that is enormous valley. It may take about 2 hours to reach this cave as you need to walk along the river toward this snow cave that is made over thousands of years.

Tunel-e Barfi of Loristan
Inside the tunnel

White Waterfall

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There are several activities to do in Loristan and people would like to visit several untouched spots but there is no doubt that one of the most impressive waterfalls of Iran is White waterfall (locally called Abashar-e Ab-sefid) of Loristan.

White waterfall is one of the highest falls of Iran that is located in Aligudarz county along the road of ChaharMahal-Esfahan province. The water of this fall comes from the mouth of cave which is mostly based on melted snow. The height of this fall is about 70 m and 8 m width.

In regards with its names several stories have been mentioned but the most reliable one is based on its drops of water that fall on stones and make white bubbles. Yearly, several domestic and foreign tourists would like to visit this location, as reaching this spot is quite easy than others and even not fit travelers can have a nice walk toward this fall.

You may ask yourself when to travel to this province as there are several outdoor activities. Our company, will suggest traveling to Loristan in spring and summer because you can schedule better where to see and things to do with ease.

Another point we can make is about its plantation, that is quite unique and particularly, from this region which catches the eyes of everyone. Most of its plantation ae walnut & oak trees, but several types of plants are there as well. In regards with its reaching, there are few routes to get in to this fall, by transferring from Aligudarz about 50 km toward this fall and start walking toward this lake from new route.

As travel consultants, we would highly recommend visiting this location as one of top 10 things to do in Loristan by taking paved route toward this fall.

Ab-sefid waterfall of Loristan
Side view of Waterfall

Shirz Canyon

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Traveling to Loristan makes everyone feel blessed by going through an untouched nature, where it consists several waterfalls, rivers, forests that has been hidden for several years and only locals venture to these spots. When it comes to having absolutely a wonderful journey, Khazineh Canyon and Shirz are known as the highlight of this province.

Shirz is one of the largest valleys/canyons of Iran with approximately 5 km along the route of Godar village till Seymareh river in Ilam province. It’s well noted that, Shirz canyon just get started from village, for about 5km and at rhea beginning of the route, the height of walls is about 10m and it’s increasing sharply to 150m.

In another way, here is the home of geologists as they have found documents to prove this canyon has been made naturally from third geological period.  They will be also facing to very unique types of stones and ages that are colored by rained over the thousands of years.

How to reach:
yearly several domestic tourists visit this location either on their own or group tours as it does not need to be fit such as Kalmakareh cave. It’s interesting to know this canyon is at the edge of three different provinces, Kermanshah, Loristan and Ilam where you need to transfer about 55 km from Khoram-abad toward Pol-e Dokhtar county and start your trek from Godar village.

What makes trekking in this canyon, amazing is being exposed to its unique plantation despite its stones as well as waterfall, springs, etc.

Shirz canyon of Loristan
long shot view to the valley
Shirz canyon of Loristan


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