Garmeh Village

Garmeh village of Iran

Garmeh is an oasis spot which is located in the heart of central desert. According to documented history of this area, there are some evidences that people settled in this area about 2 millennium BC, however, the golden age of this spot dates back to Sassanian in 221 AD and remained as one of the most important places on Silk Road. Consequently many travelers have passed through the area. Read More


Abiyaneh village of Esfahan

One of the highlights of trip to central Iran is visiting Abiyaneh village which dates back to 640 AD when Zoroastrians moved to this area which is surrounded by Karkas mountain.
The name of villages comes from Ancient language of Iranians that is called Sassanid Pahavi which is translated into resources of water. However all locals named the village after settling down into Harpak which comes from the name of fire temple in this village. Read More

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