Prince garden of Mahan-second trip to iran, tour to kerman
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Ferdowsi tomb, Toos, Mashhad, ferdowsi day


Ferdowsi was born in 329 in Pazh village of Toos in north-east of Iran during Samanid dynast. It is interesting to know that most of Samanid kings were in love with Farsi language. According to history of Iran…


There is always a discussion about where to see in Iran for 2nd trip, especially less touristy spots. We would highly recommend to visit eastern Iran which has a lot of similarities with other Silk Route countries

Ferdowsi tomb, Toos, Mashhad, ferdowsi day


Mashhad is the capital of Khorasan Razavi and is one of major touristy cities of Iran and is located in north east of Iran that is very well known for Shiite Muslims around the world in terms of having Emam Reza’s

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