Prince garden of Mahan-second trip to iran, tour to kerman
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Naranjestan garden of Shiraz- Iran in 10 days


Naranjestan, also known as Qavam house is one of the most beautiful Qajari gardens of Shiraz which dates back to 19th century and has been built by Mr. Qavam 1st as his residential & public spot

Nasir ul molk mosque of Shiraz

Nasir Ul Molk Mosque

Nasir ul Mulk Mosque, Also known as Pink house, is a Qajari mosque of Shiraz that is located in the old district. This has been built by one of the great businessmen of shiraz, Mr. Nasir Ul Molk

Hafez tomb of Shiraz, city of gardens, le grand tour de l' Iran

Tomb of Hafez

Khaje sham ul Din Mohamad, also known as Hafez is one of the most well-known poets of Persia who lived in 14th century AD. He was born in Shiraz, however, his dad was from…

Main Palace of Bishapour


Bishapour, also known as Beyshapour which has been translated from middle Persian to English as the city of Shapour, is an ancient of Sassanian Empire

Sassanian Palace of sarvestan

Sarvestan Palace

The Sassanid Palace of Sarvestan which is also known as Kakh-e Sassani dates back to 5th century AD and has been built by one of the famous monarchs of Persia, Bahram V.

Ardeshir Palace of Firuz Abad, sassanian tour


Firuzabad or city of Gōr, Also known as Ardashir-Khwarrah, literally “The Glory of Ardashir”; is an ancient city and capital of  FiruzAbad.

Khan Teological School of Shiraz, four seasons tour

Khan Theological School

There is no doubt that one of the most impressive historical sites of Shiraz is Khan Theological School which dates back to 17th century

Delgosha garden of Shiraz garden tour, Iran cultural trip, Iran in 10 days

Delgosha Garden

Let’s get acquainted with Delgosha garden. Shiraz has always been an important spot for any traveler and they have all mentioned in their notes about the beauties of Shiraz…

Tomb of Sa'adi Shiraz

Tomb of Sa’adi

Let’s get acquainted with Sa’adi who was one the greatest poets of Persia back in 13th century. This tomb has been built by a French architect in a memory of him.He lived in Shiraz in 13th century and is one of the most

Eram garden of Shiraz, Iran grand tour

Eram Garden

There is no doubt that one of the most beautiful spots in Shiraz is Eram garden that dates back to early 12th century during Seljuk. Name of Eram comes from ancient Persian language which has been translated…

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