Yazd is one of the major touristy cities of Iran that is in the center of central desert. Its handicrafts have been always playing an important role in economy of city.
Many people have heard about yazd as one of the oldest adobe cities of the world. Being in the desert makes everyone very creative and this is the reason underground water channels have been invented.
But history of arts is older than this. In this category, we are willing to well introduce everyone across the globe most of the handicrafts that are produced in Yazd or particularly from this city in order to familiarize these items with travelers. Some of them can be given as a gift to relatives and some can be used for decoration of our house.
One of the most well-known handicrafts of Yazd and surrounding is from Meybod that has been registered as a world heritage over the last years. It’s been woven out of wool, etc.
Glazed tiles:
Tiles have been playing an important role in decoration of building such as mosques because people were struggling to decorate by their believes.
This is one of the most attractive arts of Yazd that can be seen in old district.

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