Chogha Hills

Chogha hills of Loristan

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Chogha Hills (locally called CHugha Sarkhor) is one of the major tourist attractions of Boroujerd that brings the attention of everyone.

Chogha Hill (It’s shortly called Chogha) consists two different words that are translated based on local dialect from Lorish into English translation. As it’s located in the heart of flattish field of Boroujerd many people were interested in giving it a decent name.

In another way, based on excavations, several objects were discovered that belong to Parthian Empire. In fact, over the past decades local mayor wat struggling to build and expand this region that his teams got exposed to items that proves it’s been a temple on top of this hill.

Since then, it has become a sacred place for locals as most of them gather at this spot and may spare a few-minute at this location for a little while almost every day. Another point we can make is, in the past it’s been used as a fort or defensive castle for a short period of time and for protection, two moats have been carved around that today, it’s become a tiny park for locals.

As travel consultants, we will recommend visiting this location in your travel to Loristan province as people of this city are in competition with Khoram-abad citizens in order to well promote the city better.

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