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Daash Kasan

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Daash Kasan temple (locally called Dragon temple) is one of the most exciting natural sites of Zanjan that is located along the road of Soltanieh dome.

There is no way to travel to zanjan and skip this natural site as there are several stories and interpretation about this spot among locals. It’s about 15 km from Soltanieh dome on the way of Zanjan- Hamedan road that makes it reachable with ease.

This temple dates back to 14th century when it was ruled by Ilkhanid rulers and kings. While you are climbing gently to this temple, you will be exposed to few dragon reliefs that are carved across the Mihrab relief. This will impact on archaeologists thoughts to go exacting about this location that it might have been older than 14th century and those reliefs carved later on.

Locals strongly believe this temple has been built during Ilkhanid dynasty particularly during Uljaitu king (locally called Sultan Mohamad Khabande) by his sister. Unfortunately, this temple is incomplete as they were struggling to convert from any religion to one another.

Many people who live in another cities, might get more excited by hearing the name of this location as it sounds a Dragon, however, Daash Kasan is just the translation of broken stone in Azeri language.   

people would like to know about where they are going to explore and how this dragon temple looks like because the name of the temple makes everyone thinking a huge carving. But the size of these dragon reliefs are about 5 m length and 1.5 m width. It’s well noted that during Islamic periods these carvings are decorated with Islamic patterns.

As travel consultants we would highly recommend visiting this exciting site while you are off to road of Zanjan Hamedan in order to save time and better planning.

Daash Kasan of Zanjan
Internal view of Temple


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