El Goli

Eil Goli lake house of Tabriz

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El Goli (locally called shah goli), is one of the main historical monuments of tabriz that reminds Qajari architecture.
It has been built in 18th century in the south east region of Tabriz. It’s also called lake house that its pavilion used by Qajari kings for summer vacation.
Although, Tradition dates the construction of the park to the late 18th century, there are some evidence that it’s been built even earlier than that. What we know strongly about this lake is terraces were added alter on. 
The northern side of the lake was built up, which, according to Penelope Hobhouse, makes the lake appear to float over the valley.
A causeway leads out to a pavilion. The pavilion was once crowned with a dome.
From the west hillside, a spring feeds the lake, a cascade descending in five terraces.
The sight is flanked by poplar trees and willows.
Currently, this historical monument turned to a restaurant with spectacular view of surrounding.

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