Esfahan Music Museum

Esfahan Music Museum

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Music museum of Esfahan is one of the most impressive places as a MUST SEE that catches everyone’s attention to visit and get acquainted with Iranian music culture.

Esfahan is one of the most beautiful cities of Iran that yearly several tourists from all over the world would visit its historical places and enjoy interacting with locals. Apparently for a tourist who would travel to Iran, after visiting several historical sites, museums and garden they all look the same but music museum is the place where people would get acquainted with local cultures.

This museum has been opened up few years ago and is one of the most valuable museums that has several priceless music instruments from all over the country. It is well noted that some of these instruments are very old and unique and some are quite new that they can present a wide range of information about Iran’s music history.

Another reason to visit this museum is, it is privately held by locals who are all interested in presenting their local music for their visitors every day. What makes this museum very fascinating is, they would rather to improve their activities by bringing music instruments from every single corner of the country and have a live show every hour in music hall by themselves.

As a travel agent we would suggest taking Esfahan city tour in order to visit this museum and get acquainted with this Iranian music culture especially Esfahani music better and even have a slightly chance to join to this band and play your own music.

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