Esther & Mordecai

Mausoleum of Esther & Mordecai

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Tomb of Esther and Mordecai is one of the secrets & sacred locations of Jewish community in Hamedan. The original building has been built back in solukid in 330 BC, however, it has been damaged and renovated several times in history.

History of Esther dates back to Achaemenid Empire, when it was ruled by Xerxes from East, India toward Yemen in the West that contained 127 provinces but, basically, he used to live in Susa as one of their political capitals and seat of government but everywhere was under his control.

In his third years of his kingdom he provided a huge celebration and invited all excellences, rulers as well as governors of all over the empire to join such a massive party that lasted for 6 six months. During this party he showed off all his wealth and assets and later on he decided to have a smaller party for all locals of Susa for 7 days including ordinary people, merchants, etc. Many people strongly believe this could have been the beginning of his loss.

For this party he ordered to decorate the city by several expensive items such as marbles, jewelry & magnificent curtains as well as providing everyone several drink pots. It has been mentioned in history that he was drunk in one of these nights and he had asked his queen to present herself at this party in order to show everyone her beauty but his requested was denied by Queen which made him quite upset.

Xerxes used to discuss with his consultants for every decision especially for this issue and they all decided to change the queen with the prettiest girl of empire. All his courtiers were hired to find out and train the girls of country for some months in order to be ready for meeting.

They should use pure perfumes and make ups for couple of months in order to affect better on Xerxes. In Susa there was a Jew who was called Mordecai that he used to live in Jerusalem at some point and he had to take care of his cousin Hadiseh that had lost her parents. She was called to be in Susa in harim of king Xerxes as well as all pretty girls from all over Empire.

she was called to be a queen by order of king Xerxes. The harim vice president was interested in Hadiseh as she looked like very naïf and he was struggling to make her up as pretty as possible by hiring top 7 maid of honors to well train her. Esther has been told to become quiet and should not tell anyone about her religion by order of Mordecai.

The fact is every single girl had to be well dressed, made up and was able to wear any Jewels for that special night with the king and next morning, she could have been Free. After 10 months at year 7 of Xerxes kingdom, Esther was called to be with king. She was pretty lucky that king very much liked her and put a crown on her head and called her queen since then.

Xerxes celebrated this event by giving her several presenter gifts as well as deducting taxes if all satraps and provinces. Afterwards Mordecai has got a job in court of xerxes and became a well-respected person by informing in time the king from a conspiracy that free staff were going to kill him in his bedroom. Xerxes got noticed and executed them and wrote down this story in his book.

 After a long time it is mentioned that everyone must bow to one of the vice presidents of Xerxes that was called Hamoun as he was considered the right hand of Xeroxes but Mordecai was not happy to do this. He was asked why he did not do it, but he came and replied as a Jewish his religion doesn’t allow him to  do it. Staff reported this to Hamoun and he got so anxious and not only decided to punish him but also all Jews have to murdered.

At the year 12 of Xerxes kingdom, at the most of Neysan which is the first month of the year, Hamoun order to predict (which is called pourim) date of killing Jews. It’s showed up 13th of next month this has to be done. Then he met the king and tried to explain this matter with king that there is nation here that are following empire’s rules and preferably it is better to be killed. Unfortunately Xerxes conformed by taking out his seals and approved Hamoun’s plan.

We would highly recommend visiting this tomb in Hamedan enjoy listening the rest of story from a Jew point of view while he is presenting his information to audience.

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