Ferdowsi Day

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Happy Ferdowsi Day to everyone
Ferdowsi, locally known as the father of Farsi language is one of the well-respected  poets of Iran who lived back in 1200 years ago. He renewed Farsi language in 30 years as he it was gone after Arab’s invasion and because his action, Samanid King gave him a huge award for appreciation. However, in his opinion he was trapped by the king as he supposed to receive gold instead of silver but it did not affect on his duty to preserve this language.

He was born in 329 in Pazh village of Toos in north-eastof Iran during Samanid dynasty. It is interesting to know that most of Samanid kings were in love with Farsi language. According to history of Iran, many poets in that region of the empire were interested in providing Shahname but we can consider the earliest record of producing Shahname refers to Abu- Mansouri Shahname who lived at the same period of Ferdowsi.

Many people are of the opinion that being exposed to Shahname of Abu Mansouri was the main purpose of Ferdowsi in order to make his own version of Farsi. But when it comes to biography of Ferdowsi we will notice he was interested in making poems even he was young. He was struggling to renew the farsi language in mythical version based on true stories. 

Yearly several people come to visit his tomb at in order to pay respect to his job and remembering his action for all Iranians across the globes. Until last year, we ran a live event with our friends in all over the world to recite one line of his lyrics that are mostly mythical stories.

This year we would love asking you all guys to recite one line of his poems in any language you speak and make a video of yourself.  

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