Future of Travel Industry

future of travel industry worldwide

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We are of the opinion that the whole world will change after this horrific era and we need to rebuild our businesses better in some ways. Hereby as a inbound travel agency and working with several tour companies across the globe , we are going to have this live video chats weekly with our colleagues worldwide in order to discuss about future of travel industry and how we should be well prepared.

As Iran is mostly known as a cultural destination, many travel agencies are losing this potential for future of tours to Iran and we are of the opinion that we have to be aware what we are going to provide them in upcoming moths as our expectation is, tourism will begin from Aug 2020.

In fact we need to know the potentials of all destinations and how travel agencies, tourism boards, governments, etc will provide all travel services for new clients. Because it’s competitive market and many travelers are seeking for having better services with reasonable fares.

We are very pleased everyone joins us to today’s live chat that we are going to discuss with our Italian partners who are experts in trekking tours worldwide. You can simply follow us on our Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/persiatravelingcenter/



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