Iran’s Golden Cities Tour

Hafez tomb of Shiraz- Golden cities, Iran in 10 days

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Let’s Enjoy visiting Golden Cities of Iran in 8 days by taking Iran Golden Cities Tour which gives you possibility to visit major touristy cities of Iran including Shiraz, Esfahan as well as Yazd. This trip is highly recommended to all group ages that are interested in knowing history, gardening, foods, etc.

We are very pleased to confirm that by taking this tour, you will be able to visit some of Iran’s world heritage sites in every city such as Eram garden & Persepolis of Shiraz, Naqsh-e Jahan Square of Esfahan aside from Friday mosque which enables you to visit world class tiles work and Mosaics.

This tour also enables you to visit different religion of Iranians who live in Yazd that preserved the ancient religion of Persians. It would very interesting to Towers of Silence as the cemetery of Persians as well as Fire Temple, however, the old district is a MUST-SEE because of adobe constructions.

Aside from these, Iran is one of those countries that its foods variation is very interesting for travelers in every city as they are world-widely known. It’s well noted that during this trip you will try some of national dishes aside from local foods of every city.

As travel consultant we would highly recommend this tour to those who are willing to get acquainted with local culture & tradition in short term vacation. 


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