In a Memory of Sa’adi

Tomb of Sa'adi Shiraz

Happy Sa’adi Anniversary

Hereby we would like to celebrate anniversary of Sa’adi who was one of the greatest poets of Persia back in 13th century. We would have a briefly introduction about him in order to provide information to audience and later on we would recite his lyrics, notes and other poems as well.

Of course all the audience would recite one or two of his poems, especially those poems that we are all engaged with from our childhood. You are always welcome to join us for event which is opened to public Therefor you would have a great feeling about Shiraz as it is known as city of gardens and poetry.  

Let us introduce you to: Sa’adi

Sheikh Mosleh aldin Moshref aldin, Mohamad Ibne Abdollah, also known as Sa’di was born in 13th century and his reputation was for having very clear and direct writing & poetry in his two books of Golestan & Boostan. Although he was very well known in Persian literature he produced his poems and notes in simple ways to be more understandable and may varies for many segmentations including ordinary people as well as excellencies.

His family was religious however his dad passed away when he was a child. His mother raised him up and sent him to Baqdad to study and after few years he decided to travel around the world in order to provide better poetry and notes in his entire life.

It took him 35 years to visit most of world back then and he returned to his place where he was born, which is in southeastern of Shiraz by Mount Fahandej.




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