Iran Cultural Tour

Hafez tomb of Shiraz- Golden cities, Iran in 10 days

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Iran Cultural Tour is one of the most popular tours to Iran in 2 weeks that allows travelers to visit main touristy cities of Iran that are mostly located in central Iran such as #Esfahan, #Yazd, #Shiraz, #Kashan, #Kerman and #Tehran.

what makes this trip very especial is, its availability for 4 seasons that everyone across the globe is able to visit Iran anytime. Especially in summer & winter time that are of seasons, or even in any public holiday, people are quite happy to take this tour with lower quotes.

We would highly recommend to take this guided tour of Iran in order to get acquainted with local culture & tradition, historical monuments & world heritage sites, extraordinary landscapes as well as foods & pastry in every single corner.

People always ask whether or not they can travel with family or children to Iran؟  The answer is yes. We would recommend them to take this guided tour in major touristy cities of Iran are more tourist friendly than other cities as they meed all tourists requirements especially hotels, museums, cafes, restaurants, place for walk, etc. 

It’s been provided for 4 #australians in cooperate with our Australian partner #getaboutasia .however, we can run this trip every Saturday or per request. As travel consultants we are of the opinion that we can make a memorable trip for our clients by providing them all travel services.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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