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Iran in 10 Days

Hafez tomb of Shiraz- Golden cities, Iran in 10 days

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Welcome to the land of civilizations. Yearly several domestic & foreign tourists visit Iran in short & long term vacation. It’s quite common to visit major touristy cities of Iran for first trip including #Shiraz #yazd #esfahan #kashan #tehran.

Aside from that people always prefer to join any local event while they travel to any particular country. Therefore we run this trip to Iran on 12th of October because It’s Hafez day who was one of the well-known poets of Persia back in 14th century. Everyone from all over the country will join Shirazi citizens and celebrate his day by reciting his lyrics.

This tour is highly recommended to those who are interested in visiting historical places, learning about culture and tradition as well as meeting locals. What we would suggest is, visiting some of Persian gardens, palaces as well as world heritage sites such as Persepolis, Naqsh-e jahan square of Esfahan, etc.

As this is a group tour of our company in Oct 2019, we are going to run it in a small group tour in cooperate with our Aussie partner. whoever books first, gets first and Those who book this before Oct 2019, will get 5% off as our company’s bonus.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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