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Iran in 7 Days

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Welcome to Land of Civilization. Hereby we would like to suggest one of our short trips which is the best route of visiting Iran in 7 days that allows everyone to scratch the surface of a huge country. This Trip enables you to visit three major touristy cities of Iran including Tehran, Shiraz & Esfahan.

These cities have several items to do such as historical sites, beautiful gardens, extraordinary architectures as well as interacting with amazing people. Some of the highlights of trip to Iran is Eram garden, Persepolis, Hafez tomb that are located in Shiraz and have several domestic & foreign visitors yearly. 

Or in Esfahan people love visiting royal square, Chehel sotoon palace as well as friday mosque. In Tehran people enjoy visiting Golestan palace, Jewelry gallery as well as Niavaran complex. As travel consultant we would highly recommend to take “Iran in 7 days” tour especially to those who are looking for visiting Iran in Short term vacation.

This trip has been organized for an #aussie couple in cooperate with our #australian partner #getaboutasia .
Of course we are able to run this short trip weekly or per request all around the year and we would recommend it to those who are going to visit some countries in middle-east. 


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