Iran’s Golden Cities Tour

Hafez tomb of Shiraz- Golden cities, Iran in 10 days

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Let’s Enjoy visiting Golden Cities of Iran in 8 days by taking Iran Golden Cities Tour which gives you possibility to visit Shiraz, Esfahan as well as Yazd. This trip is highly recommended to all group ages and even solo travelers who would like to take a tour and have a scheduled plan.

This tour not only enables you visiting beautiful architectures & historical sites, gardens but also allows you to meet citizens of these cities that very hospitable and amazingly friendly. They all would come to greet anyone across the globe who come to visit their countries. 

As this is an scheduled tour, we are willing to book 8 pax per each date and whoever comes first gets first. A summery of what we are going to see is, visiting gardens of Shiraz, tombs of poets such as Sa’adi & Hafez who lived in 13th 7 14th century, Persepolis, Zein 0 Din caravansary, Towers of Silence of Yazd, Fire temple, Naqsh-e Jahan Sq of Esfahan, etc.

As travel consultant we would highly recommend visiting these cities for your first trip to Iran in order to get acquainted with local culture and history. Aside form all of these activities you will be exposed to several delicious foods of every city you travel. This will help to get a better image of “how traveling to Iran looks like”.

Happy to meet you all very soon.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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