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Meet the Musicians

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After a successful performance in July 2019, we decided to run “Meet the Musicians” tour one more time in cooperation with our ground business partner Nina Persia on October 2019. This is a unique event in which we make your experience of travelling to Iran, as memorable as you would expect.

Iranian Music has thousands of years of history as we see the evidences from the Sassanid, Safavid and Elamite era. We have professional musicians gathering together to perform Iranian Folk Music, Western-Iranian Fusions, Classical Music, and Contemporary Classical Music.

This event enables you meeting the local #musicians, become familiar with unique music instruments, and of course, visit major touristy cities of Iran such as #Shiraz , #Esfahan , #Tehran as well as Bushehr with their all beautiful sites. This is a group tour which costs 1480 USD per person. It is possible only if you pay 140 USD on top of the bill In case of having this privately.


Bookings are closed for this event.


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