Omar Khayyam Day

Omar Khayyam Day

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Happy Omar Khayyam day

Omar khayyam was one of the intellectual giants of ancient Persia in astronomy, math, philosophy, Rubaiyat, etc. He lived in 10th century CE. Although he was absolutely wonderful in astronomy and has done several research nowadays he is well known among locals for his own poetry method which is called Quatrains.

Yearly people gather at his mausoleum in Neyshabour in order to pay respect to his activities and his character by reciting his Quatrains. We kindly invite everyone across the globe to join us for this event and recite his Rubaiyat. Or even those can’t attend to this program, kindly can send us their videos while they recited.

We will provide a mixed videos of attendance and send them back to our friends. It’s well noted that those who book trip with us till then, will get a 20% discount for any destination in Iran. 


Bookings are closed for this event.

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