Falahati Castle

Falahati Mansion of Ilam

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There are several advantages for traveling to Iran and wide range of activities makes everyone feel blessed for choosing a correct destination. Falahati palace in the center of the city, is one of the most well known historical places that everyone will visit.

It’s been built back in Qajar Period, approximately 19th century that is converted into a local museum. Mr. Gholam Reza Khan, who was the rule of the Ilam back then was very delighted having similar palaces and mansions as Kashan or other cities that in vicinity of central desert. This could have been the reason Falahati mansion was built very similar.

The same as other mansion, it has only one main entrance for both hosts and guests, central courtyard, main living room, few rooms in this side of the house, balcony and terrace. In left side of the house, there are more rooms that all have sash windows as well as having stucco on ceiling and walls. However, some of the original design are gone after It became museum, but still worth visiting.

In this museum, some ancient objects are displayed that are all from Alikosh Hills such as different types of hammers. As travel consultants, we will highly recommend visiting this museum as well as Vali Castle in the morning in order to get acquainted with local architecture and culture.

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