What if my visa is not approved

Iran is one of those countries that needs visa to travel and from a year ago Iranian government announced citizens of 160 countries are able to visit Iran by obtaining visa in one of Iranian’s international airport. This makes traveling a lot easier with less hassle.

Over the last 6 years our company has applied for visa authorization code for several tourists from all over the world and there was no even single rejection which sounds promising however, there is not still a guarantee to provide this code and Ministry of Foreign Affair has its own regulations to review all visa applications.

Regarding the payments; what we usually do is receiving 35% of total bill online through our bank account in Tajikestan which is nonrefundable as a confirmation of trip to Iran. If a traveler cancels the tour due to any reason, we have to pay penalties to hotels where made reservation and our guide. The only way we can refund travelers is their visa application is not approved by Iranian govt.

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