Farahzad Village

Farahzad village Iran trekking tour

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There is no doubt that traveling to Farahzad village that is located in the heart of desert is one of the most beautiful activities of trips for citizens of many countries especially those who live in Europe, being in hot dried region is a unique experience.

People would rather to take few days off to desert and being away from city life style is the main purpose to have some physical activities such as expeditions in desert and on sand dunes, camel riding for a little while and even those who are interested in having adventure can take a Safari.

Farahzad is one of the most beautiful spots in central desert of Iran, which is also known as Kavir-e Markazi that attracts yearly several people from all over the world to experience village lifestyle.

According to history of ancient Perisa, here was just a place for refreshing of caravans as most of trips were for business or religious purposes. Staying with locals or even in local hostels that are locally known as Bumgardi makes traveling to this spot very especial in terms of meeting locals and would be able to exchange cultures and opinions and trying local foods that are particularly from this region.

Nearby this place, you are able to visit Mesr village, Sand dunes, Takht-e Aroosan, Kalaghdooz desert and would be able to have some astronomy lessons.

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