Ferdowsi tomb, Toos, Mashhad, ferdowsi day


Ferdowsi tomb, Toos, Mashhad, ferdowsi day

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 Ferdowsi was born in 329 in Pazh village of Toos in north-east of Iran during Samanid dynast. It is interesting to know that most of Samanid kings were in love with Farsi language. According to history of Iran, we can consider the earliest record of producing Shahname dates back to Abu- Mansouri Shahname who lived at the same period of Ferdowsi and many people are of the opinion that this was affected on Ferdowsi to make his poems but when it comes to biography of Ferdowsi we find out He was interested in making poems even he was young.

There are some evidences that most of ferdowsi’s poetry is based on stories that were told by locals back then and he was struggled to preserve them such as story of Bijan & ManijeT Rustam & Esfandiayar, Rustam & Sohrab, Story of Ekvan Div as well as Siavash story.

Shahname is his masterpiece work and also is one of the oldest Persian books which is based on poetry of Abu-Mansouri on 370 AH (lunar calendar) and it was finished on 384 AH. The local story for preparing such a book is that Ferdowsi was offered by Sultan Mahmoud qaznavi a huge award to preserve farsi language and this is why he did his best but when it came to payment, he didn’t get paid well and this is why he stroked and passed away.

Afterward ruler of Toos didn’t allow to bury him in Toos as he was a Shiite and his followers buried him down in his garden where it is today now. This mausoleum was re-designed in 20th century by order of Reza Shah and it took almost 20 years. Yearly people gather at his tomb on May 15th and will recite his poems together in order to remind such a great literature man of Farsi as he is known as Father of Farsi language.


Unfortunately, there is not enough evidence about his life until he started this project. But people know about that his son was born in 359 Ah and this would tell us he can be married approximately in 358 AH. Nobody knows about the name of his spouse, however, some historian are of the opinion that the story of Bijan and Manizhe is about him and his wife.

If this is true, she could have been a well-educated woman who was able to play harp. She could have been also from a wealthy family on Mashhad. There is another story that his son was educated and more knowledgeable that his father and this caused ferdowsi to pray for him.

One of the Iranian poets, Nezami was describing about Ferdowi’s life style and mentioned he only had a daughter and all he did was for providing her a cabin of dowries but she ignored this award after her dad passed away.


Poetry’s specifications:

Aside from public knowledge and studies in different fields, he was a profound, smart and very talented in knowing all events in the past. He didn’t use any rude words in his poetry opposite of other poets who produced some.

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