Fin Garden

Fin Garden of Kashan

Fin Garden is one of the most well-known gardens of Persia because of representing the ancient gardening style which was named Persian Garden.

Nowadays, Fin garden is one of the tourist attractions of Kashan that is located in the upscale side of the city. Many people are of the opinion that Fin garden dates back to Achaemenid as its style looks like 4 quarter gardens.

There is a natural spring behind the garden which is named Soleymanieh and mostly it is supplied naturally by water of rain and snow on Mt. Karkas. It was considered as a holy water for people in the past centuries until 15th century that Unfortunately, the structure over the sprig was destroyed by an earthquake. It even damaged many buildings in this garden and this is the reason we are able to visit constructions from 16th & 17th century or even later.

It’s well noted that garden was larger than today and many people strongly believed it was moved approximately 500m to where it is nowadays during Safavid in order to access better to natural spring. There are several monuments in this garden from different dynasties such as Safavid Koushks, Zand, Qajar, etc.

In the center of garden there is a Safavid koushk which split the garden into four quarters and water of natural spring comes up into this building and leads to different channels for watering the garden. Although nothing that much left from original decoration of this palace, all the walls in this monument were painted by one of the famous artists of Iran back then who was named Reza Abbasi.

This type of architecture was followed by Zand and Qajari monarchs and they have built similar buildings in different corners of the garden. Especially the Qajari Koushk has the marvelous paintings and decorations which represents several old Persian stories. In Zand dynasty a huge defense wall and watch towers were constructed around the garden in order to well protect the garden while nobody was there.

Today, this garden is very well-known for Iranians as one of the genius Iranians who was the prime-minister of Qajari monarch was murdered in this Hammam. Locals are of the opinion that the water comes from natural spring into this water channels and they were all well organized to cycle back to the system but it is destroyed in 20th century as many people were looking for the reason by digging it.

As travel consultants, we highly recommend visiting while you arrive in Kashan as it is on the edge of the city and the go forward to the city of the town.

Fin garden of Kashan

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