First Oil Well

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Discussing about particular destinations will remind us different items that may have a great history. When it comes to first oil well of Iran, Masjed Soleyman City is the top ranked places to see.

This well has been discovered back in early 1907 by a team of English people who had contracted with Qajar Monarchs, particularly Mozafar-Din- Shah in order to discover the oil and run this an Iranian local industry. At the beginning this well was about 360m depth but it took them a year to expand this well into a enormous resource that enabled Iranian petroleum industry to produce to approximately 220 barrels per day.  

Iran is one of the wealthiest countries in middle east particularly because of having several oil resources everywhere inside Iran plateau. It’s interesting to know that until 20th century locals of Iran had not had any sense of having oil industry or even living on one of the richest spots on earth. However, back in ancient days, different dynasties used to discover and work by tar for construction but not didn’t have any information what they can do with this item.

In early 20th century the English team was struggling to discover oil in this land based on their studies and knowledges. They have contracted with Iranian monarch separately for different activities such as 20,000 GBP for discovering, having this contract for 60 years. Or even Iranian govt will hold the shares for 16% of benefits.

They have discovered a supper-giant resource of oil at the place Masjed Soleyman (which was locally called Naftoun) that enables Iran producing primarily from the prolific Oligocene Asmari horizons, a formation which underpins Iranian crude oil.

Nowadays this symbolic spot has become one of the top ranked tourists’ destinations in Khuzestan under control of Iranian Oil Industry and people are able visiting this outdoor museum.

First oil well of Iran museum
Entrance of Outdoor museum

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