Ardabil Jame Mosque

Ardabil friday mosque
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There is no doubt that Friday Mosque, is one of the most impressive historical sites of Ardabil . It’s also known as Jame’e Mosque and from a religious point of view, it is the 2nd important mosque of Ardabil.
This mosque has been located in one of the famous lanes of the old bazaar in the center of the city and many people yearly come to visit it because of its marvelous architecture, beautiful painted praying hall and well stucco working. What makes visiting this mosque very especial from architectural point of view is, having a beautiful courtyard with its tiny garden that brings everyone attention. 
It’s well noted that this mosque dates back to Seljuk Period and has been build in the center of city to give access for praying to those who work in bazaar and those shop from this market.
What may everyone expect is, mosques in this region should not have any courtyard due to having long cold winter but this mosque is exceptional compared to others from the same period and the same region as its court yard is used for religious events.
In another way, citizens of Ardabil are very conservative and would like to run all religious programs in their own city especially in this mosque such as the 27th of Zel Haj. Or even Ashura ceremony of the 3rd Imam is one of the most well known events of Ardabil that can be considered.
As travel consultant, we would highly recommend to take a guided of Ardabil for 2 days and put this mosque in your bucket list, however, it’s been renovated several times in history and the latest one was in 20th but still is one of the most beautiful sites of Ardabil.

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