Friday mosque of Urmia

Urmia Friday Mosque

Friday mosque of Urmia

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There is no doubt that one of the most beautiful historical sites of Urmia is Friday Mosque that’s also known as Rezaiyeh Mosque which dates back to 14th century in Ilkhanid period. Although archaeologists are of the opinion that this building was originally a fire temple its function was converted to a Mosque after Islam came through Persia.

There is not sufficient documents about this Mosque but people strongly believe that original building has been ruined and a mosque was built over the ancient temple that looks like a Seljuk monument from Architectural Point Of view.

Currently the oldest part of this Mosque is its Mehrab that dates back to 14th century but other places might have been built later in Ilkhanid era. This mosque does have a domed Hall which is absolutely stunning in terms of Architecture & stucco working and praying room which has 40 leaning pillars that are all made by stone.

It was a tradition in old days to build a Mosque nearby Bazaar that anyone could go to pray with ease especially this mosque had three Accessible gates to Bazaar. As a travel consultant, we would highly recommend to take a guided tour of Urmia and stay for few days in this religion in order to get acquainted with local culture, tradition in addition to historical sites especially this Mosque in the morning by taking a short cut from ancient Bazaar.

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