Garmarud Trekking Route

Garmarud of Qazvin

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We will introduce to you another potential of Qazvin as this province has a lot to present. Garmarud Trekking Route is one of our suggested activities for those who are interested in traveling to any particular destination with a little bit of adventure taste.

This route is quite exquisite for photography lovers too as they will be exposed to extraordinary landscape as well. It’s located about 100 km away from Qazvin city along the road of Alam kouh. Of, course there are several detour roads while you are at place but our suggestion is to start from garmarud toward kelardasht forest that makes everyone feel belessed.

Another point we can make is about the wildlife of this region that is the home of Iranian tigers and bears.  As travel consultants, we would highly recommend visiting this region in either a shirt trekking trip or day trip despite having cultural tpir of Qazvin in order to have sufficient time for this region.

Garmarud trekking route of Qazvin
Toward AlamKouh

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