Garmeh Village

Garmeh village of Iran

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Garmeh is an oasis spot which is located in the heart of central desert. According to documented history of this area, there are some evidences that people settled in this area about 2 millennium BC, however, the golden age of this spot dates back to Sassanian in 221 AD and remained as one of the most important places on Silk Road. Consequently many travelers have passed through the area.

People are of the opinion that Garmeh was not only place where traders could pass, they had all urban facilities and It was one of the most civilized cities of Persia in terms of having water resources. People mostly work on palm dates farms and they raised Ostrich.

This city was existed till Alexander invaded Iran and it had got abandoned for centuries. Nowadays yearly several tourists from all over the world would come to visit this village as it had some attractions to present such as Palm dates farm, ancient castle, hills, cistern and even local costume of people is very interesting from foreign tourists.

Another reason for traveling to this village is Maziar Al Davoud who studied abroad and decided to run his business and renovated his older generation village. He did quite a difficult job by training all artists to keep all elements of Iranian Architecture in every single building such as Sabbats. He has become very popular by playing Sufism music in his hostel almost every night with his band.


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