Gavmishan Bridge

Gavmishan bridge of Ilam

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Many travelers yearly visit ruins of Gavmishan bridge as it is one of the most impressive bridges of Iran located in vicinity of Dareh-shahr.

There is no doubt that structure of this ancient bridge reminds of Sassanian architecture and archaeologists are of the opinion that it’s been built in late Sassanian dynasty on Karkhe river that is one of the most famous rivers of Iran. It flows toward Susa in Khuzestan province.

In regards with the size and architecture of this bridges, we can discuss about the length of it which is about 170 m and 8 meters width. It’s well noted that, among all old and ancient bridges Gavmishan has the largest arch span in Iran. This could have been very handy to preserve the bridge for hundreds of years because this region is full of rain in winter time.

Another point we can make is about the country divisions that over than 80% of this bridge is in Loristan province and only 20% is inside Ilam province but back in 1999 it is listed as national monument of Ilam province that was caused some tribal issues back then.

Finally they ended up all discussions and for first time after registration, Ilam province was in charge for restoration. Many historians and experts are of the opinion that the bridge was intentionally destructed by the Persian Army to stop or slow down the invasion of Arabs during the Muslim Conquest of Persia in the 7th century.

it’s been several times renovated in history but according to what it is preserved by locals, the earliest record of renovation dates back to Qajar era in 19th century by ruler of Posht-e Kouh village. As a travel consultant, it’s highly recommended visiting in spring in order to have enough time to go for walking along Karkheh river when the weather is pleasant.

Long shot view of the bridge

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